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Welcome to the press section of Lunch Money Boutique. Here, you’ll find all the resources and information you need to discover our story, brand, and the latest updates.

In our latest press releases, we are excited to share the excitement we’ve been weaving into children’s fashion at our boutique. We invite you to explore these and other exciting developments as we continue to create unique and stylish fashion for children, making each day a little more special.

Absolute Living

Faces of Women in Business | October 18, 2023

At Lunch Money Boutique, couture has never been so cute. The thoughtfully curated children’s store in Butler-Tarkington is a welcome addition to the small but mighty block of independent shops at 56th and Illinois. Here Shallan Hazlewood outfits newborns to tweens with a unique style and a commitment to high-quality clothing…

Indy’s Child

Hidden Gems | Nicole Sipe – October 18, 2023

If you’re a person of a certain age, you might remember the good ol’ days of taking cold, hard cash to school to buy lunch. Lunch Money Boutique, a charming children’s store located in Indy’s Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, is inspired by such memories. But instead of kids using their money to buy Doritos and cream soda for lunch (guilty as charged), Lunch Money Boutique is a place where they can “stash” that money and use it to buy the latest fashion and accessories…

Indianapolis Monthly

Cool Kids Shop With Lunch Money Gems | Katie Marple – December 12, 2022

LOOK FOR for the big red apple to find Lunch Money, which opened its doors in July. A mom herself, owner Shallan Hazlewood saw that Indianapolis wasn’t exactly abounding in specialty stores selling high-quality, fashion-forward children’s apparel. So she conjured up Lunch Money…

About Us: At Lunch Money Boutique, we are committed to bringing a touch of magic to children’s fashion. Founded in 2021, we have since become a trusted destination for parents and caregivers seeking high-quality, stylish, and eco-conscious clothing and accessories for children. Our dedication to offering a diverse range of brands and designs has allowed us to cater to the unique needs of children and their families.

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